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Take the guessing out of material recommendations

Engineers have it rough today. So much data to go through for various applications and variations of chemicals, temperatures, atmospheres, forces, pressures, contaminations, cleaning agents, and not to mention a myriad of strengths, tempers, finishes and fitness. Books upon books, and an internet full of possibilities and data exists. Our salespeople are available to hear your requirements. We will even recommend alloys that we do not carry. An impartial review of your needs is what we offer, with an emphasis on availability.

Would you like to know how a material works in your real world application?

Laboratory data is great, and there is plenty of information to digest. The problem is that it is not exactly your environment. Finishes, material preparation, concentrations, temperatures and mixing of chemicals can lead to unwanted results. What you need is the ability to try the material in the application to be sure that it will not end up being a maintenance nightmare or another capital project later.

Get your sample and gather real data about your application.

Once the perfect material has been chosen, then the search to check if it actually exists begins. The hunt for unobtainium can, and usually does, end empty handed. Rarely does identifying the right material solve the problem, it has to be available. It has to be available in a small quantity. 

Fortunately, small quantity is just one of the things HPAlloys does best! Small pieces, special tolerances, and cut to length - all in a timely fashion. 


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